The Artist - Bill Dykes

Bill Dykes is an enigma. His artistic style cannot be classified, as this artist can, and has used tempera, oils, watercolor, scratch board, canvas, collage, brushes, and pallet knife to express his vision. One rendering may be exact with every hair in place on a wild animal, while another may be a wisp of color to render the beauty of a woman. His work may be dark and brooding while another may light and airy. It can be a formal portrait or a surrealistic thought.

Born in a small South Texas town, this budding artist went on to graduate with an Art Degree in a small East Texas college. His dual passion of art and music is not surprising for this Gemini. His love of writing and singing music sometimes overshadowed, but he's always come back to his first love, Art.

As you explore this web site we ask that you keep an open mind as you will enjoy a smorgasbord of interpretations from the incomparable hands of Bill Dykes.

Bill has penned several songs for Gaylord Music, one in particular "when lonely comes to you" on the cd by Andrea Fairless.